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Very often, over the summer holidays, regular fitness routines get a little lost due to long-haul travels, Bahrain’s sweltering heat and general lethargy. Perhaps you didn’t stop altogether but you certainly wouldn’t mind shedding a few pounds put on while lying next to a tropical pool, sipping on a sugary mixed beverage. That’s where these fitness gurus come in – in no time at all you’ll be enjoying improved definition, muscle mass and energy with a work-out routine that’s customised to you.

Anke Visagie
South African
Where? Oxygen Gym in Barbar.
How much? BD150 for ten hour-long sessions.
Specialties: Muscle toning, pre- and post-natal work-outs, weight loss and circuit training.
Training style: ‘My style of training would depend specifically to the clients’ needs whether it be weight training, circuits or HIIT – to name just a few of the styles that I would use.’
Fitness mantra: ‘Love yourself enough to change’.
Email; call 1761 6165.

Craig Heslop
New Zealand
Where? The Jungle by Tribal Fitness on Budaiya Highway (next to Party Mania and Harley Davidson).
How much? Sessions start from BD30. A six-month commitment is needed to join their personal training programme as they have a limited number of clients.
Specialties: They deal with a lot of corporates who are looking for a smart life balance. Craig is the only RKC and IKFF Level 2 Kettlebell instructor in Bahrain, MovNat Level 2 Trainer [natural movement fitness], TRX personal trainer [suspension training] and desert survival instructor.
Training style: ‘Step one – blood tests to check the individual’s health, plus an extensive lifestyle questionnaire. Step two – create a vision to provide direction. Step three – make a personalised plan. Step four – execute the plan.’
Fitness mantra: ‘Personal training is a 50/50 relationship. ‘Tribal Fitness has high expectations that their clients work hard and stay committed to the plan. As a coach, they provide the smartest route to achieving ones’ vision.’
Visit; email; call 1730 0859.

Dalia AlSadiqi
Where? She’s an independent trainer and so works in various facilities.
How much? BD25 per session.
Specialties: Resistance training, strength and conditioning.
Training style: ‘A combination of motivational and strict. Both styles are essential when training clients. Clients cannot expect to see results if they are not strict in their training schedule and methods, nor will they be consistent in their training if they lack motivation.’
Fitness mantra: ‘Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated’.
Visit; email

Karim Arafa
Where? Various facilities across Bahrain and home visits.
How much? Karim offers various rates ranging from BD20-25 for one-on-one sessions and wide-ranging one-off fees for more customised programmes. Call Karim for a personalised quote.
Specialties: Strength, conditioning and fat loss.
Training style: ‘Strength training focus while incorporating various protocols with an emphasis on the big three lifts. As for my clients, I adopt training methods that best suit their goals.’
Fitness mantra: ‘I lift, therefore I am’.
Visit; email

Kenny Wallace
Where? Reps Fitness Studios in Business Bay Building, Juffair.
How much? Between BD20 and BD25 a session (depending on how many you book per week).
Specialties: Group and bootcamp sessions, however, his knowledge of working with specific clients is key.
Training style: ‘Resistance training – whether it’s with weights or your own body weight. Your body is meant to be pressed and pushed. ‘I am the type of fitness coach that can adapt to what different clients need but also someone who can push that person outside their comfort zone and go past what they thought were their limitations.’
Fitness mantra: ‘Ask. Believe. Receive. And be even better.’
Email; call 3330 0184.

Mohamed Al Baloshi
Where? Fit4Life sessions at Life Fit Fitness Centre in Janabiya.
How much? BD40 for Fit4Life weekend bootcamps; BD5 for Fit4Life Midweek Madness sessions; or BD15 (individuals) and BD20 (couples) personal training sessions.
Specialties: Bootcamps, HIIT, circuits, strength and power training.
Training style: ‘I am methodical and adaptable. I apply the 20-plus years of sports and fitness experience that I have acquired to help clients achieve and, often, far exceed their goals, while remaining flexible and sensitive to each clients’ individual stress tolerance levels.’
Fitness mantra: ‘I never lose, I either win or I learn’.
Visit; email or call 3965 2007.

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