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International make-up artist and Calfornian native Gilbert Soliz has had a long and exciting career so far. He’s worked with artists such as Pat McGrath and Aaron de Mey, alongside some of the world’s top fashion designers, and with publications like Vogue. Now he’s working with Marc Jacobs Beauty, just after a seven year stint with Sephora Pro as lead artist. Who better to provide summer beauty tips, particularly as Sephora Bahrain launches Marc Jacob Beauty’s newest collection of eye-popping lippy?

How did you get into the beauty and make-up industry originally?
I started at the young age of 19. I started assisting other artists backstage and on-set. Ultimately I landed a job behind a make-up counter where I was able to gain lots of hands-on experience.

Why, in your opinion, is it important for people to pay attention to their looks?
The saying goes, ‘you only get one first impression’ so I think spending quality time on your appearance will ensure that you make a great impression always.

How does the Marc Jacobs Beauty brand reflect your style?
It’s refined, it’s a luxe without feeling forced, it’s effortlessly cool.

What are the biggest beauty and make-up trends for summer?
Bright, bold pops of colour on the lips. High intensity, long lasting shades.

We live in very hot condition through the summer in Bahrain. What tips would you give to ladies trying to keep their skin in good condition during these months?
Try using a toner after removing make-up to refresh the skin and keep it cool. It also helps to tighten the pores and preps the skin for moisture.

What specific Marc Jacobs Beauty products would you recommend?
Blacquer Highliner crayon because it’s waterproof and will stay on all day.

In your opinion, what are the most important things a lady should remember when applying make-up in general?
Do what’s appropriate for their age. Take the trend and adapt it to their features.

What would you consider as your biggest achievement to date?
Doing Mariah Carey’s mak-eup at her home in New York City.

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