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How many times have you gone to a brilliant new venue only to be left cold by the music or discovered the best frantic party vibes at some out of the way hole in the wall (which immediately becomes your favourite haunt)? Here at Time Out we’re great believers that music maketh the man (or woman), but how many of us actually know who’s spinning the discs (or twiddling the knobs and pressing the buttons) as we hit the dance floor? We’ve rounded up some of the island’s best DJs and checked out what you can expect to hear from them.

In the club…or should that be lounge?

Damian D’Costa – Not strictly a club DJ any more, well not in Bahrain at any rate though he does still play the biggies in Ibiza and Dubai, Damian’s probably best known for his five-year stint as the face and sound of Cocoon, which he founded out of a desire to give people somewhere to hear the kind of music he wanted to play.

These days you can hear him at the weekends at the Blaq Velvet Underground late lounge, in the Grand Safir Hotel, and on Saturday nights from 11pm-1am on, it’s an online radio station based out of Ayia Napa in Cyprus (that’s why it’s so late, it’s the prime-time show but we’re a couple of hours ahead of Europe).

He likes to have fun but takes his music very seriously and, in answer to the question ‘what sort of things do you play?’ he replied ‘really good music that you won’t hear anywhere else’. He’s also got lots of exciting stuff planned for the coming months but more of that in the near future.

Dara Singh – A stalwart of the Paris club scene for lots of years, he’s got eclectic taste in music and plays an elegant mix of electronic sounds that can either liven an evening or chill right down in the early hours. In collaboration with Budha Bar’s DJ Ravin, he’s also just released a mix CD to mark Bushido’s fourth anniversary. Catch him at Bushido next to the Ritz-Carlton every day and night.

Dave HayesTime Out columnist Dave plays chilled house by the pool at Coral Bay and has also just opened for Ministry of Sound featuring Sheldon.

Derek J – The man behind the sound at the recently-opened Sky Bar at the Diva Hotel, Derek’s from Karachi, Pakistan, and got into DJing ten years ago. He says he’s blinded by a love of electronic music and his style is deep house, tech and techno house. He’s the resident at Sky Bar but can also be heard playing late nights at Muju and expect to find him popping up at pool parties over the summer.

DJ Jabu – Hailing from Quebec, Canada, DJ Jabu is new to Bahrain and has only been on the island for a couple of months. She’s been playing and studying jazz bass for 14 years and has a wealth of experience behind the decks having played with the likes of Avrum Gold of Lost Tribe, WiZdom and Tony Soupliotis. She’s performed at many of Montreal’s famous clubs such as The Loft and Salon Daome banging out Canadian feel-good vibes with a housey oldskool feel. She says: “I love tech-house, techno and house. I prefer more underground beats, but I also enjoy some mainstream, popular songs. Depending on what the crowd is craving at a party, I will mix it up to get everyone dancing!” You can find her at Bizarre Lounge at the Kempinski Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre from 9pm-2am Wednesday to Friday.

DJette Kiwi
– If you want to catch Kiwi in Bahrain, you’ll have to be quick as she’ll shortly be off to Ibiza and the south of France for the summer season, it’s a hard life!

Kiwi began her music career in Paris with infamous lounge producer Hovannes K in 2007. Originally a vocalist, she slowly incorporated mixing into her repertoire and within two years was playing major venues in the French capital such as the infamous Montana, VIP, BC and Palaise du Tokyo. Today she travels the world playing for crowds in the tens of thousands at events such as New York Fashion Week.

She says: “My music is positive vocal house, with some teeth. I also get into a bit of lounge/chillout and the hipster scene (indi and rock n roll), if the moment calls for it.”

And, being originally a vocalist, you may also hear her take to the mic.

You can catch kiwi upstairs at Meisei Wednesday to Friday until around June 12 – after that, you’ll have to head to the Balearics!

DJs Youss and Daniel
– These two come as a pair and are the resident house spinners at Zoe. They’ve been there ages and play consistently good sets of the more commercial house but they also bring in some seriously respectable international acts so extra koudos for that. They’re at Zoe Lounge and Terrace most nights.

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