Swing dancing in Bahrain

The Shakedown Club is reviving the 1930s and our health in Bahrain

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Best Winter TV in Bahrain 2016

The best shows coming to Netflix and OSN in Bahrain this year

Flamingods new album

Psychedelic band front man Kamal Rasool on music, touring and Bahrain

Record mosaic in Bahrain

Reflect your love of Bahrain with a new mosaic art project

Spa birthday at Lalapaloza in Bahrain

Bahrain’s kids’ spa Lalapaloza is bringing parties to your door

Renting property in Bahrain

How oil slumps and price hikes have affected the Bahrain property market

Friday brunch at Choices Terrace in Bahrain

There is no compromise on quality at this Friday brunch

Things to do in Bahrain: August

Olympic fun, summer camp, footgolf, brunch, football and more

Bongos Subs and Spuds in Bahrain

Try the El Cubano and says “hola” to Bahrain’s newest sandwich shop

Flipp and Daffy on Bahrain rap

Local rappers Flipp and Daffy about their brand-new album 9arat

How to pick a nursery in Bahrain

Evolution Childcare CEO Sue Jones on finding the perfect nursery

Weddings in Bahrain

Is Bahrain set to be the next big destination wedding spot?

Room 2 Rock in Bahrain

For all of your musical needs, look no further than Room 2 Rock

La Fontaine Bahrain guide

Why you should visit La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art & Spa

Interactive art exhibition in Bahrain

A never-ending, ever-changing exhibition has arrived in Bahrain

Best Middle East events in August

Add these events onto your regional calendar for this month and beyond

Simon Pegg Star Trek Beyond interview

Hollywood star and thoroughly nice chap Simon Pegg talks Star Trek

Where to eat in City Centre Bahrain

Restaurants you’ll only find at City Centre Bahrain

Personal trainers in Bahrain

Get an amazing workout in the comfort of your own home


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