Live music in Bahrain

Bahrain bands tell us about the music scene in Bahrain

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Best of Bahrain Netflix

Get your TV fix with 22 brilliant things you should be streaming right now

The name’s Bond. Jane Bond…

Tilda Swinton, Rachel Weisz, Emilia Clarke and more ladies who could be Bond

Wahooo! Waterpark in Bahrain

Quick guide to the fun family waterpark in Seef, Bahrain

Things to do in Bahrain this month

Bahrain summer festival, Eid, murder mystery, Smurfs and more

Dish of the month: Belgian in Bahrain

Feast on sweet and savoury creations at Wafflemeister

Hanging Gardens of Dilmunia

See the plans for a stunning new housing development in Bahrain

Nicole’s Mediterranean Restaurant brunch review

We can’t understand the lack of crowds at this Bahrain brunch

Paul Feig on Ghostbusters

Director Paul Feig on bringing Ghostbusters back from the dead

Best summer albums of 2016

These are the albums and tunes you should be listening out for

Best breakfasts in Bahrain

Start your day the right way with Bahrain's best breakfasts

Time Out Live! in Bahrain

Our new festival celebrating the local music scene takes shape

15 sizzling summer reads 2016

Stephen King, JK Rowling, Irving Welsh, Yann Martel and more

Bahrain spa deals

The Ritz-Carlton Spa has turned to local tradition for relaxation

Spitfires in Bahrain

Five vintage aircraft are currently on display in Bahrain

Caramelo Kids Boutique in Bahrain

Andalusian entrepreneur Elisa Plaza Godoy brings her boutique to Bahrain

Indoor fitness classes in Bahrain

Don’t let the heat be an excuse to sit on the couch

Bahrain Summer Festival 2016

Everything you need to know about these family friendly events

Nine embarrassing moments

Jacuzzi chats, food-shaming, missed high fives and more

Best treehouse holidays

Go high and low (mostly high) in search of the world's best treehouses…

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