Bahrain Cancer Society

Established in 1993 with the goal of helping patients and families cope with the disease and creating public awareness Reviews

Established in 1993 with the goal of helping patients and families cope with the disease and creating public awareness.

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  • Location: Others, Manama
  • Tel: 17 233 080
  • Travel: Call ahead for details
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  • Times: Open Sat-Thu 7am-2pm

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User reviews:

Posted by: Nasreen Shaikh on 22 Jan ' 15 at 09:10


My name is Nasreen and i am from India, I want to volunteer and help in whatever way i can.

Posted by: Andrew Garcia on 16 Dec ' 14 at 16:57

Hello, I am currently living in Bahrain and would like to offer myself as a volunteer to help in any way I can. What do I need to do next?

Posted by: madushi Gunasekera on 21 Nov ' 12 at 06:54

hi..i would love to join your tgroup to work as volunteer.i live in um um al hassam bahrain.i am looking foward to hear from ull soon..thank-you..have a good day..

Posted by: nanyonga sophia on 13 Nov ' 12 at 15:43

Hope this mail will find you in a good moods and condition,if its like as i said now thank God who gave you good life for these period.Bye the way how is work,family and life at large.I am sorry again my English is poor i think it might be difficult for you to understand well what i am trying to tell you but i promise i am going to try i am make my self clear.Let me start by introducing my self to you,i am by names of Muhammad Sophia single mother of three children a 42 years old mum.Among those three children two are boys and i have only one daughter by names of Hayat.Its sad news that i lost my husband six years back and he died of cancer yet ist now too common in our country here.Since the death of my beloved husband i can tell you that i have been working harder so that we can live in a happy life with my family.For sure i thank God who helped me to do everything for my family,i managed to put all of my children at school and as i am writing the elder one is to finish his secondary level this year and i want you to believe that there are some families with all parents who can't afford to put their children at school even if mine are studying in what i can call a substandard schools but i am contented with that.Really i have been doing this through thin and thick ie problems and difficulties as you know.
We have been living in a good life as i told you till when recently my youngest child,my only daughter got sick and when i take her in the hospital i come out with bad news that my daughter is seriously suffering from kidney failure,he added that according to the scan she will need a transplant of the kidney she can't live with only one kidney because she is still young (14 years old)Unfortunately doctor told me that i come to know about this late and he only gave me a period of three months time to be ready for the operation of my daughter yet the money he told me is really a lot.I wouldn't like to loose my daughter madam because she is the only daughter i have i think you can also understand this and that's why i decided to write to you weather you have any possible way you can help out please you're most welcome and may God reward you.I am sure you're now with a lot of questions with a little answers about how i come to know you and may be how do i come across you email address i am to tell you about everything concerning your questions if i am given a chance.Always tears pour from my eyes whenever i hear that my daughters life is on probability or risk
All in all i am very sure that you're not working with any donors group or organization but i thought may be you could do something in order to serve my daughters life.On my behalf and for the seek of my daughter we kindly request you to do something for us if possible.
May God bless and reward you abundantly
I Mohammad Sophia
Hope i am read your reply

Posted by: GEORGE GLACE on 03 Jun ' 12 at 13:48

I'm from India and working for a company in Bahrain. I wan to involve with your charity in what- ever- way i can.

Thanks & Regards

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