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Alia Almoayed Nutritional Therapist

Non medical nutritional therapy and dietary advice

Hamala Medi spas
Dr Mohamed A Jahromi

With the aid of hair-thin needles, Dr Jahromi treats everything from muscular pain to stress and weight issues

Um Al Hassam Medi spas
Farrell German Skin Care

Natural treatments with creams formulated to personal requirements for all manner of skin complaints; comes highly recommended for treatment of eczemea in particular

Zinj Medi spas
Indian Ayurvedic Medical Centre

This no-frills centre offers a range of affordable holistic therapies and medicinal treatments utilising Ayurvedic methods

Mahooz Medi spas
Marafie Skin Aesthetic Clinic

Treatments include laser hair removal, pigmentation, removal of birth marks, broken veins, Botox and photo pneumatic therapy

Seef Medi spas


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