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The gift of spas

We discover the gem-infused treatments at the newly reopened The Gulf Spa

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How to cope with anxiety attacks

What causes anxiety attacks, and what you need to do about them

Great Yoga Wall in Bahrain

Bahrain’s most famous yogi explains the Great Yoga Wall

Swing dancing in Bahrain

The Shakedown Club is reviving the 1930s and our health in Bahrain

Personal trainers in Bahrain

Get an amazing workout in the comfort of your own home

The importance of standing

Shitika Anand finds out why we need to spend less time sitting

Bahrain spa deals

The Ritz-Carlton Spa has turned to local tradition for relaxation

Ramadan healthy eating

How to stay healthy when fasting during Ramadan

5 reasons to drink hot lemon water

Why a dash of lemon in your water could make you happier, healthier and even lighter

Reborn Spa in Bahrain

How effective is an ayurvedic massage at Reborn Spa in Bahrain

Spa InterContinental in Bahrain

Matt Fortune gets Island Fever at the Spa InterContinental

Tips for achieving mindfulness

Time Out enlists the help of health experts in Dubai to bring you tips for achieving mindfulness, such as meditation, walking and dreaming

Jeff Bridges sleeping tapes

Time Out reviews the Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes, a new concept by The Dude. Find out if works and other ways to help you sleep

The spa express

Just as the Formula One zooms into town, we take a look at luxurious speedy services

Tried & Tested: Aqua Genomics facial

Danielle Doporto finds the Aqua Genomics facial at Beauty Spot

Exercise at work

Five steps to cracking it

10 lessons you need to learn about the spa

Things to know about a day at the spa

Moroccan hammam in Bahrain

Danielle Doporto tries a Moroccan hammam and massage at Reborn Spa

Myofascial Manipulation in Bahrain

The benefits of Myofascial Manipulation Therapy at InTouch Chiropractic Clinic

Thalassa Sea & Spa tried & tested

Experience the benefits of the Thalassa Escape Package

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