1. Time Out Bahrain Restaurant Awards

    The shortlist to reveal the best restaurants in Bahrain

  2. Know your rights in Bahrain

    Your guide to important and everyday Bahrain laws you need to...

  3. Bahrain Halloween parties 2015

    Where you need to be on October 31 (in fancy dress, of course)

  4. Things to do in Bahrain: Oct 1-7

    Oktoberfest, breast cancer awareness and the return of Tatsuo...

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  • Wok

    This Asian restaurant’s revamped menu excels with its unique Vietnamese influence

  • Senor Paco's

    It’s not just about the atmosphere at this jolly Mexican restaurant


  • Straight Outta Compton

    When it sticks to rhymes and rage, this biopic has power, says Joshua Rothkopf

  • The Walk

    Fresh-faced Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays French high-wire artist Philippe Petit in this vertiginous biopic

  • Knock Knock

    In this thriller Keanu Reeves stars as Evan Webber, a dedicated and devoted family man with the cereal packet family


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